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Videographer is prepared to record the big jump!
Another successful recording of a skydive in California!
Don't forget your skydiving video for your very first skydive; you'll be disappointed!

Capture it all by adding a video package!

In the tale of your experiences, you'll be rereading your Napa Valley skydiving adventure chapter for a very long time. Wouldn't it really be wonderful to be able to pull up a tangible version of your experience with a Napa Valley skydiving video package? Show your wary friends and family how fun tandem skydiving can really be. Ask about our skydiving video package when you call at 707-690-0640!

Our network affiliate cameramen will direct a pre-jump interview both on the ground and during the plane's soar to altitude. He/she will jump out of the plane next to you to capture your full freefall, from start to finish. They will ensure that every facial expression of adventure is caught on tape. Once the parachute opens during your tandem skydive in Napa Valley, the videographer will race to the ground and tape your landing, as well. Once grounded, the videographer will ask you how your very first skydiving adventure went. That's it! Your first skydive in Napa Valley is now recorded on a DVD with the soundtrack of your choice. When you call Napa Valley Skydiving, make sure you check with your team member on the availability of the videographer for your desired skydiving date...this is an option you cannot afford to miss out on!