Want to fly? Check. Want to experience a thrill like no other? Check. Want to make all of your friends jealous of your awesomeness? Check-Check. With a skydive at Napa Valley Skydiving, you’ll take part in an extreme sport like no other. Ready to be the coolest person you know? Try Tandem Skydiving in the Napa Valley area Today!

Tandem skydiving near Napa Valley, California provides an excellent first taste to the extreme sporting activity of skydiving. If you've ever wanted to try skydiving, yet weren't sure where to start, tandem skydiving is right for you! Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for your jump by arriving early for pre-jump photos and your 15-20 minute ground instruction!

When you go tandem skydiving near Napa Valley, California, you'll skydive from a height of about fourteen thousand feet, and delight in a thrilling freefall that lasts as much as one minute! Plan on getting to the dropzone a minimum of an hour ahead of your scheduled appointment to allow plenty of time for your pre-jump instruction and pictures. Following your ground school, you'll suit up in a skydiving suit, board the plane with your coach and a small group of skydivers, then begin your accent to the clouds. If you are looking for an one-of-a-kind, extraordinary experience that delivers an unbeatable adrenaline rush, you'll love tandem skydiving!

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