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Videographer is ready to capture the big jump!
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Don't forget your skydive video for your very first skydive; you'll be disappointed!

{Share your awesome skydiving experience by booking a video package!

Your very first tandem skydive in Napa Valley is a stage of your life that you will never want to forget. While the thought may last in your head always, you will never be able to re-watch that marvelous day without a tandem video package! Not only will you get to relive the moment whenever you want, but you can share the euphoria of your first skydive with friends and family, as well! Don't forget to inquire about the tandem skydiving video package when you call 707-690-0640 to order your skydive adventure!

Our network affiliate videographers will run a pre-jump interview both on the ground and during the plane's rise to altitude. He/she will jump out of the plane next to you to capture your whole freefall, from start to finish. They will ensure that every facial expression of emotion is recorded on videotape. Once the parachute opens during your skydive in Napa Valley, the videographer will hurry to the ground and videotape your landing, as well. Once complete, the videographer will ask you how your very first skydive went. That's it! Your first skydive in Napa Valley is now recorded on a DVD with the music of your choice. When you contact Napa Valley Skydiving, make sure you check with your representative on the availability of the videographer for your desired skydiving date...this is an option you cannot afford to miss out on!