What is the age limit for skydiving in Napa Valley?

Whenever you arrive for your skydive in Napa Valley, you'll initially be requested to sign a waiver before you are able to take your jump. This is a legally binding contract, which means that everyone who skydives and authorizes the paperwork, must be at least 18 years of age. This requirement applies to all those jumping in Napa Valley, California and our other locations in the US.

What exactly can you expect to spend for skydiving jumps?

How much you'll spend for skydiving jumps depends upon the type of that experience. For the very least expensive option in skydiving in Napa Valley, choose to tandem jump. Typically, rates depend also on the cost of gasoline and the present seasonal demand. To get precise pricing, feel free to give our location a call for more information.

Is there a way to record the skydiving jump?

Absolutely! Napa Valley Skydiving has video packages that will capture your entire skydiving day, from plane ride to landing. Our network videographers will get a small interview with you prior to boarding the airplane and during the plane ride to altitude. The videographer will exit the aircraft with you and capture your entire skydiving freefall on DVD! The videographer will also land prior to you to ensure that your landing is recorded on tape, as well.

Can skydivers bring their own digital cameras for their jump?

We encourage you to bring your own camera and shoot some pictures, or possibly video, from the ground. Cameras are not to be brought onto the airplane prior to your skydiving adventure.

How high and at what speed can I expect to go during my skydive?

A number of things will contribute in your velocity. In most cases, we'll ascend as high as 14,000 feet for the common tandem skydiving jump. As soon as you jump and are freefalling, you can expect to fall at a maximum of 120 mph!

Can my party of friends all jump simultaneously?

We work with you to make sure you have the group you want all together, whenever possible. You might be able to jump together, but consider a few factors first. It is important to know that there is a short delay between skydivers out of the airplane, which means that you may not have the chance to freefall or canopy ride down together. A number of our skydivers prefer to go on separate loads so that they can see their friends freefall then land on the ground.

What if you wish to bring a friend that does not want to jump, but would like to watch you skydive?

Bring your friends and family with you to see you skydive even though they do not want to dive themselves right now. However, please keep in mind individuals who do not wish to jump are not able to board the plane with you.